Exploring and improving peoples' interactions with technology and music.
Based in New York, committed to improving our world no matter how small.

Avid music listener. Passionate creator. Likely to get excited when learning something new.

Searching for a multicultural workplace where skills in software and creativity can be further developed.


(954) 856 4903


New York, NY


Coral Springs, FL


 Software Development
    Music Creation


Product Innovation
    User Experience


Carnegie Mellon University | PA
College of Engineering
Bachelor's of Science
Technology and Sonic Product Innovation
Minor Business Administration


I have experience in a number of areas in the space of music and technology. Have a look at my most recent projects.

Simple Sound

Music Creation Software created using MAX MSP by Cycling 74.

Music using Programming

I create a composition by processing signals in Nyquist.

Analyzing Song Data Tutorial

Creating a music playlist based on user's preferences.

Playlist Generation with ML

Creating a music playlist based on user's preferences.